WHAT IS MENARRUS?



Mental Arithmetic is fast calculation through brain power alone without using pen, pencil, paper, calculator or any other tool. In other words, it means "calculation from the mind".


Mental Arithmetic is also the name of the brain development program designed and used by Menarrus for children between 4-16 years old.


What are the benefits of learning Menarrus Mental Arithmetic Program?

* Developed left and right brain

* Exceptional calculation skills

* Sharp vision, hearing and perception skills

* Improved concentration and attention

* Advanced analytical skills

* Creativity

* Stronger memory

* Keen observation

* Developed self esteem and confidence


784 x 576 = ? Can you solve this multiplication problem in a few seconds? But, without using pencil/paper or any other tool. That is, only using your brain power.. ... Difficult?

However, your child can do it. Menarrus, while providing a fast brain development in children of 4-16 years old, also equips them with extraordinary mental calculation skills.

So, would you be interested in the possibility of your child reaching such a high intellectual capacity and developing unusually impressive arithmetic and mental calculation skills.






                           OUR MAIN TOOL IS ABACUS.










Abacus is a tool consisting of beads that are strung on rods in a frame. It is believed to have been first used by Sumerians in Mezopotamia approximately 4500 years ago in the form of tablets with cuniform-carved lines on.


Abacus is claimed to have been used in different forms like stones lined up on a surface of sand. The earliest form of abacus that has survived till now is a marble tablet of 150 cm X 75 cm with lines carved on it. This 2300-year-old tablet was unearthed in 1846 in the island of Salamis, Greece.


In its actual shape today, it was first seen in the Far-east about 2200 years ago and has become one of the most important tools of the regional culture. In fact, this simple tool is like a powerful computer. It was brought to Japan in the 15th century and given the 5-bead shape and called "soroban" by the Japanese.


In 2005, Abacus was selected, by the readers of Forbes magazine, the second most important tool of all times mankind has ever invented that has had the biggest impact on civilization