Full program is consisting of 250 hours (24 months) - 3 teaching periods per week. Age groups:

4-6 years

7-9 years

10-12 years

12-16 years


At the initial stages of the program, children learn to make arithmetic calculations using the abacus. During the subsequent stages, they stop using the abacus physically, but they imagine it and the beads in their mind and use this mental image while solving arithmetic operations. The calculation is extremely fast as children move their fingers as if there is an abacus under their hands. Eventually, they perform calculations so fast that they don't need to move their fingers at all.


                                            Tools, Materials and Equipment


Menarrus Abacus Mental Arithmetic program is presented in modern classes equipped with computer and big electronic screen.The program has its own books. Students also have a chance to do ample exercises with games and competitions using the online platform. The program also uses number and picture cards.Presentations are made through the computer and on the big screen. The master abacus which is hung on the white board is the most functional tool of the program. Examples are shown on the master abacus right after the presentation.The students' most important tool is the 5-bead-based student abacus. Students do exercises from their books using their abaci after the examples given on the master abacus.While the fingers touch and manipulate the beads, a brain development process occurs through the coordination of sense of touch and vision and the brain. At a certain stage of the process, students start doing calculations mentally without physically using the abacus but simply imagining it and visualizing the beads in their mind. This way they improve their mental calculation skills.


Additionally, the program contains videos that students watch regularly and hold discussions on the story, interpret and comment on the events. These sessions develop their observation, evaluation and verbal expression skills.


Students go through a powerful and fast brain development process through this scientific and successfully proven, colorful and entertaining program